K9 Country Club - "Can't Wait to get to the CLub!'
Membership at K9 Country Club requires your K9 be screened or temperament tested. Screening is only $10 we ask that you leave your dog with us for a minimum of four hours but you are more than welcome to leave your dog here for the whole day.
We ask that your dog be here prior to 11am with a copy of vet records. 
You are more than welcome to come as early as 7am. There is some paperwork to be filled out but should take no longer than ten minutes.
Durring the screening process Joe or Amy Ball, dog trainers, will introduce your dog to a dog they feel is compatible with your dog. As things go well additional dogs will be added to the group but not too many as to overwhelm your K9. We like to make the introduction as seamless and as fun as possible. We will have your dog move from one room to another to make sure they are comfortable with us.  The screening process helps dogs that will be boarding at K9 Country Club remember that they were picked up on the first day of daycare.
Club members must be 12 weeks old and finished with their third set of puppy shots, if older than 6 months must be Spayed or Neutered.

It is essential that your k9 be on heartworm preventative, treated for flee & tick control, in good health, & K9 friendly. 

Immunization requirements:  Dogs must be immunized against rabies, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, Para influenza parvovirus(DHLPP), & Bordatella. Keep in mind dog daycare is like a child's playground, accidents & injuries can happen in all facilities.
It is customary the k9 parent be financially responsible for any veterinary care required for any dog while at K9 Country Club.

Discuss any health concerns or conditions with owners of the club prior to membership.

K9 Country Club gladly accepts cash, checks and credit cards ( MC and Visa). Please note that full payment is required on or before the day of attendance.
 Screening ensures our Doggie Daycare is a fun safe environment for all our furry K9 friends.
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