K9 Country Club - Inclusive Doggie Daycare
K9 Country Club - "Can't Wait to get to the CLub!'
Canine Good Citizens
 Doggie daycare
  • Drop off as early as 6:45am or call for earlier drop off
  • Pick up no later than 7pm
  • Screening: $10
  • 1/2 day under 5 hours: $15
  • Single day of Doggie Daycare: $24
  • Second and Third visit in a week: $22
  • Fourth visit in a week: $17
  • Single day for 2 dogs: $36

Daycare Packages
  • Package of 10 1/2 days: $145
  • Package of 10 visits, minimum 2 visits per week: $195
  • Package of 10 visits, must be used in 6 months: $210
  • Package of 20, minimum 5 visits a week: $310
  • Package of 10 visits for 2 dogs: $310
Prices are subject to change always refer to posted prices at K9

Inclusive Doggie Daycare
K9 Country Club is designed for the four legged family member. K9 is a great fit for K9 parents who are concerned with pets being lonely or bored at home during the day.  Daycare is a great alternative for anxious dogs that can't be left alone due to destructive behavior or noise.  The Club has a great workout area to run off some unwanted K9 pounds too :) Your K9 will come home well exercised, relaxed, & content, which means you can kick back and enjoy some quiet bonding time with your furry four legged best friend. The Staff at K9 Country Club does their best to make all our K9 friends happy and comfortable. Our goal is to have all our members feel as if this is their second home.  We will care for your K9 as if he or she is our own.  We want to make sure all K9s are up to date on vaccinations so we ask that you bring in your vet records prior any K9 Country Club visit.  

After a day at K9 Country Club your K9 will be happy to see you and ready for a nap.  At first when your dog gets home he or she will want to drink a lot of water.  We make sure there is always fresh clean drinking water for the K9s readily available at the Club, but when they get home they tend to drink to excess after a day of play.  Your K9’s coat may be damp from playing with all the other dogs.  Dog slobber is way cool to drool all over  other K9 friends.  In the summer K9 will have doggie pools so a damp dog might also be possible from this- especially for the water loving dogs such as your Labs, Goldens and so many more. When visiting K9 Country Club you will notice several doors between the temperature controlled & well ventilated play areas to the outside world this is to ensure proper safety.  Secure fencing surrounds the large outdoor play areas. Fresh water is available to all play areas at all times.  Web cameras are offered so k9 parents can keep up with the activities of the day. (k9countryclub.dipmap.com password and id are both daycare) 
24 hour surveillance system.  
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